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The world is full of VIPs. We are here to protect them.

Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles, armored trucks, armored cars, sedans, SUVs, vans and bulletproof vehicles from the Armored Group, LLC are made to meet the increased security needs of armored drivers around the globe. We customize civilian vehicles for personal use, and specialize in converting luxury sedans and SUVs into armored transports. We also offer right hand drive conversions on all makes and models from our manufacturing facility in Detroit.

Our cars, trucks, vans, sedans and SUVs and security vehicles transcend the expectations of our customers, and bring a futuristic analysis of your security vehicle needs. Our armored vehicles utilize the highest quality and standard of armor and ballistic materials available, for the manufacture of armored trucks, cars, sedans, SUVs and security vehicles. This service is ideal for high-powered individuals such as corporate executives, heads of state and celebrities who travel by car and want the extra protection and safety that armored vehicles provide.

All vehicles are manufactured to our client's precise requirements, and development only begins after a personal consultation with our client to analyze their exact needs and requirements. We strive to be sure that the parts integrated are correctly recognized in meeting the requirements of the liability carried. Clients' operational procedures are closely studied and reviewed so that security vehicle or armored truck design yields highest safety for both driver and freight.

Different types of freight can face different threats, therefore armored trucks and security vehicles need different security measures.  We consider every factor in the development of all of our armored vehicles and security vehicles. Hopefully our VIPs never have to experience a life-threatening situation on the road. If they do, they can feel confident knowing they sit safely in a vehicle from one of the most sophisticated armored manufacturers in the world.

It looks like an ordinary car, but it isn’t

Integrating stainless steel, we deliver our clients' a structurally sound body that will resist wear and can be remounted on a new chassis many times. We utilize aluminum, for our clients' needing higher payload capability which reduces the overall gross weight of our armored trucks and security vehicles. Utilizing galvanneal, we can give our clients' high quality armored vehicles and armored trucks at very affordable prices.

Our comprehensive ballistic and blast protection offers unmatched safety. For each vehicle, our engineers create a customized armoring plan. Carefully constructing each vehicle to exact measurements until a new tactical armored vehicle is complete, the end result is a vehicle that looks exactly as it did on the dealer floor, but that is now prepared to withstand a ballistics attack.

Our armored cars, truck and security vehicle designers continually design new ways to increase the security level of our armored vehicles, and enhance the manufacturing process of our armored trucks, armored vans; cash in transit (C.I.T.) vehicles, mobile check cashing and ATM vehicles. We are always seeking ways to further improve the quality, safety, and of our armored vans. We are a member of Independent Armored Car Operators Association. (I.A.C.O.A.) and take great pride in our armored vehicles, armored sedan, armored SUVs, trucks and cars for security vehicles.

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