Our vehicles offer the industry’s finest ballistics protection

Our vehicles are made to meet and exceed the increased security needs of VIPs around the world. This is achieved by incorporating the very highest level of engineering and technology into our armored vehicles. There are many things that separate The Armored Group from other armored car companies, and one of the most important is ballistics integrity. Quite simply, our ballistics materials and our engineered design ballistic solution allow us to exceed the high end of threat levels. We have certifications to prove it.

By offering the industry this engineered design solution, we are able to provide a level of protection others simply cannot.

  • Our solutions can be ballistic steel plate, light weight composite or a combination of the two types of materials
  • We can custom engineer a solution that best fits your needs

Our services are ideal for high-powered individuals such as corporate executives, heads of state and celebrities who travel by car and want the extra level protection and safety that armored vehicles provide. High level clients of the kind we work with come to the table with a very specific set of operational procedures and security needs. Our job is to meet and exceed those needs in order to provide a vehicle that is also a fortress for its inhabitants.

The world’s hotspots are only getting hotter, and the need for security vehicles that can meet increasing threat levels is greater than ever. Our reputation was established through our ability to consistently raise the bar in terms of how armored vehicles are created. It is a bar we continue to raise to this day. The ballistics standards our vehicles are designed with are just one example of our unrelenting push for excellence.

Let’s sit down and discuss your security needs. The Armored Group looks forward to exceeding your expectations in providing the very highest level of vehicle security.