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We approach vehicle design of our armoured Suburbans from the perspective of our clients.

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We offer armoured Chevy Suburbans and other armoured SUVs that set a new and exciting standard for what an armoured car company can achieve. We are a leader in the field of bulletproof transportation, and offer a number of Chevrolet Suburbans, GMC Suburbans and more for sale made from state-of-the-art armored and ballistic materials. Our goal as an armored vehicle manufacturing company is to approach the art of vehicle design from the perspective of our clients. This means getting to know their business and their security needs backyards and forwards. By doing so we'll have a very definite idea not only of the types of vehicles they'll need but also what should go into their custom vehicle design. #1 Armored Vehicles serves clients both in the United States and internationally, and promises you a level of security in your fleet of vehicles you can trust at all times.

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We offer the experience, expertise and proven track record you need and deserve when choosing a company to supply your armored vehicles. Look to #1 Armored Vehicles for:

When you purchase, for example, a Chevrolet Suburban from us, that vehicle will be outfitted and customized in ways that best address your specific security needs. Our clients are located in hot spots around the world and constantly face high level security threats. They have no wiggle room when it comes to the security vehicles they use. Those vehicles must be at the top of their game at all times, and ours are.

At #1 Armored Vehicles, we make a point of staying abreast of all technological and engineering advances in our industry. In fact we are usually at the forefront of such advances. We put your security front and center in everything we do, and make our state-of-the-art vehicles affordable so that the vehicles you require are always accessible to you.

The first step in securing the armored transport you desire is scheduling a consultation with the team at #1 Armored Vehicles. We are well aware that all of our clients have different needs, and promise that from our first discussion we'll go about understanding and meeting your very specific security needs. Call #1 Armored Vehicles today.

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